Celebrating Christmas and the upcoming year

auguriIn case you are in Umbria for Christmas, New Year and the Befana (6 of January) and need a few ideas of what to do, here are a few links to point you to the best Christmas markets, concerts, kids events with Father Christmas, art and exhibitions, culinary delights, and of course, lots of presepi (nativity scenes – both live and still) and castagnate (chestnut roastings). Enjoy and Buone Feste everybody!!

Around Lake Trasimeno: http://www.lagotrasimeno.net/documenti/natalealtrasimeno_2014definitivo.pdf

In Castiglione del Lago: http://www.comune.castiglione-del-lago.pg.it/files/active/0/programma%20natale%202014-2015.pdf

In Cortona: http://www.cortonaweb.net/it/tradizioni/presepi_cortona


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