AR/FOIANO-CARNEVALE carro   rusticiIt’s time to get your disguise on and let the party begin!! Carneval Season is fast approaching so here is a list of carnivals throughout Italy: carnivals-in-italy-2017. Some are really close, like the Carnevale di Foiano – one of the oldest as it dates back to 1539. And it’s only about 20 minutes away from Casa Leone Italy (your holiday home in Umbria).

Christmas in Umbria

christmaspgIt’s the first day of winter today so it’s only fitting to start thinking of the different options available for spending the festivities in Umbria. In Casa Leone Italy, we are taken up with changing the windows to make your next stay with us even more comfortable. As a tourist though, you will be overwhelmed by the different things to do. Christmas markets are springing up everywhere and it’s hard to turn without bumping into a Presepe Vivente – I’m not telling you, you can come over and find out for yourself!! It’s sunny and crispy cold. A perfect time of year to explore without the crowds of foreigners. Enjoy and Happy Christmas to all of you 🙂

Autumn is setting in


The green leaves are turning

To yellow, red and brown

And when the wind comes

Whistling by, they’ll all come sailing down

Casa Leone Italy is still open for business! Visiting this part of Italy during these upcoming months is a great way to avoid the heat and the crowds 🙂

It’s all action on Lake Trasimeno


Not only is it all action on Lake Trasimeno, with festivals happening right left and centre (for instance, Trasimeno Blues is currently on, as is the Palio delle Barche di Passignano and the Beer Festival of Tuoro, plus the open-air cinema in the castle is going strong, just to mention a few things that are happening right now), but we have had a cancellation for this upcoming week – Saturday 30 July to Saturday 6 August – so why not make a snap decision and come and join the fun!

All roads lead to…


Umbria and Tuscany are looking at their best right now. The fields are turning from bright green to sunny yellow as crops are being collected and red poppies are beginning to fade. The lake is brimming with cool water and the local festivities are in full swing. There is lots going on. Now is definitely a good time of year to visit.

50 years of tulips

tulipano50This week we will be hosting the 50th edition of the Tulip Festival – Festa del Tulipano. Deep-rooted in tradition, this event lasts several days, culminating in the race of the tulip floats on Sunday 10 April. During the week, Castiglione del Lago old town will be decorated with tulips and flags of different colours for each “contrada” (section of town). Great food can be enjoyed at moderate prices in the taverns set up for the occasion and shows take place most nights. For a full programme:

Strasimeno 2016

The Strasimeno Race is an annual affair where hundreds of runners gather in Castiglione del Lago to pace the shores of Lake Trasimeno. Participants can choose from a variety of distances, ranging from 200 meters for small children to 58 km for the pros. This year the race is taking place on 5 March. Why not come and join us!

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