Harvesting grapes and celebrating wine

festa_uvaUmbria is famed internationally for its excellent wine and with Tuscany and its own phenomenal bottles just down the road, there is more than one reason to celebrate grape picking season. September is a month full of ‘sagre’: festas and get togethers held in small villages. The latest is Pozzuolo’s Mostra Agricola Artigianale del Trasimeno, also know as the Festa dell’Uva. Stalls sell local produce and visitors are invited to join in wine tasting sessions, and sample local cheeses and cold cuts. The different parts of the village then compete in a number of races, wheelbarrows and giant wine corks are pushed up hills and on the last day, huge wine bottles carried by four runners go cantering across the green. A sight for all to enjoy before getting in line to order delicious food cooked by the locals – the pici sauce in Pozzuolo for instance is prepared by a great-grandmother who refuses to share her culinary secrets!


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