Spring is in the air

tulipsThe daffodils and tulips are just coming out; it’s this time of year again and the dates for the Festa del Tulipano have just been announced: 9-13 April 2014. The Festa del Tulipano turns Castiglione del Lago into a flurry of petals. The different parts of our town get to work as of now to prepare stunning floats that get covered in tulip petals the night before the parade. It’s a charming event, bringing together the community as everyone is invited to take part in the preparations, and enchanting the locals and the visitors alike. For more information: http://www.festadeltulipano.it

Strasimeno 2014

strasimenologoLake Trasimeno is a national park and it has a track that goes all the way round the lake. Each year, in March, people come from all over the world to do the Strasimeno Marathon. This year, the race is being held on the 9th of March. If you are not feeling quite up to doing the ultra marathon (58 km!!), you can always take part in the shorter half marathon, or go for a bike ride instead, or simply sit back and relax whilst others sweat it out ;) More info here.

Season’s greetings

christmas_cardWe wish you a merry Christmas and the happiest 2014!

May this new year bring you to Umbria so we can meet, show you round and share some of the secrets of this beautiful part of Italy. And in the meantime, we hope you have a restful break and indulge in some wonderful food and tantalizing wine :)

A presto!

Il Paese del Natale – Castiglione del Lago at Christmas

paese_nataleIt’s one event after the next in December in Castiglione del Lago. This weekend for instance we had a local kmO fresh produce market (unbeatable freshness and great prices) at one end of the old town, lots of craft stalls across the main street and a Christmas tree decorating activity for kids at the castle. The restaurants also cooked ‘new olive oil’ themed menus to go with the ‘Frantoi Aperti’ (open oil mills).

The lights are on and the decorations up; it is well worth a visit!

Painting in Umbria

Joan_PrakeshJoan and Prakesh from Nottingham visited Casa Leone earlier this month and produced this lovely watercolour in our guest book. The landscapes in Umbria and nearby Tuscany are an inspiration to many and now it’s olive picking season again, so the colour palet is green and black. Thank you Joan, come back soon!!

Food and nutrition

nutritionItalian food is famous the world over. Pizza, pasta and coffee are national staples, whislt ‘niche’ products like the fagiolina lake bean or saffron spice are cherished locally. Visiting Umbria is a great way of experiencing the Mediterranean Diet – and if you come in October, you can make the most of Perugia’s Nutrition Days from 3 to 6 October, three days packed with events about traditional food, cooking and eating. Check out the programme.

A new monthly market

mercatoTo keep us entertained these upcoming months, Castiglione del Lago will see a new market every third Sunday of each month. There will be stalls selling antiques and vintage gear amongst others. We will let you know what we find. And in case it is already cold and horrible where you live, you might like to know that it is still sunny and warm here :) Time to book your stay in Casa Leone for next year?!

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